One thought on “Sunrise Walk 24×24, oil on canvas

  1. Good morning Kathy! Jill from Elkins Creek. I hope this finds you well. I see you have blossomed traveling and painting. So happy for you. Amazing! You should call or stop in again sometime.
    I saw your post and I cried. It touched my heart so deep. We pray that people find peace here a refuge from everything and leave strengthened. Thank you for letting us know that we could help and serve our Lord through loving actions.
    The apart about my Mom just wanted you to have a more accurate stats. She had been going through the progression of Alzheimers for about 10 years, bedfast from November 2012 and died August 2014. I did not have help on weekends evening or nights but had a caregiver during the day Monday through Friday.
    If you could edit the FB Elkins Creek friends and family post on my Mom I would apprecite it. My siblings and family were very supportive and I had wonderful caregivers.

    Thank you and may your journey continue to be blessed 10 fold!!

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