SHLEP for Audible, Chpt 1 sneak preview

The final, professionally recorded and edited (by Mark McIntyre) version of Chapter one. We’ve recorded five chapters now, out of 13, it’s slow going, but it sounds great so far. At this rate it will be finished and up on Audible in October.

Dedicated to my dad, whithout him, none of this would have been possible.

6 thoughts on “SHLEP for Audible, Chpt 1 sneak preview

  1. Can’t wait for the finished book. My daughter just got out of a 26 year abusive marriage and has her wings and feels so liberated. Joined a bicycle clip. Rides and does road trips and is now in Morocco. She and I both await the book in October. Send us notice when it comes out!


    • I’m so happy that your daughter liberated herself! Tell her Bravo for me! The book is already published on Amazon as a paperback and for Kindle. It’s the Audible version (audiobook) that is not out yet.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the audio recording and wish to buy it when it is finished. Is there a book I can purchase?. Mrs Christine Linay.


  3. Loce that you have shared your discovery. I can so relate being a child if childhood abuse. My Late Mom got me into horses early on and at 65 I have been running a horse rescue in GA and work with at risk kids teaching natural horsemanship. All my rescues are so intuitive and its my Joy! They are Gods Gifts to us.


  4. I really can relate to you in the first chapter. Going through a horrible divorce and trying to pick up broken pieces. I spent 4yrs as a single mother. It was not an easy task. I have since remarried to a wonderful man. We have recently talked about wanting to travel with horses. So, I look forward to listening to your journey on the audible version.


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