14 thoughts on “SHLEP for Audible, Chpt 1 sneak preview

  1. Can’t wait for the finished book. My daughter just got out of a 26 year abusive marriage and has her wings and feels so liberated. Joined a bicycle clip. Rides and does road trips and is now in Morocco. She and I both await the book in October. Send us notice when it comes out!


    • I’m so happy that your daughter liberated herself! Tell her Bravo for me! The book is already published on Amazon as a paperback and for Kindle. It’s the Audible version (audiobook) that is not out yet.


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the audio recording and wish to buy it when it is finished. Is there a book I can purchase?. Mrs Christine Linay.


  3. Loce that you have shared your discovery. I can so relate being a child if childhood abuse. My Late Mom got me into horses early on and at 65 I have been running a horse rescue in GA and work with at risk kids teaching natural horsemanship. All my rescues are so intuitive and its my Joy! They are Gods Gifts to us.


  4. I really can relate to you in the first chapter. Going through a horrible divorce and trying to pick up broken pieces. I spent 4yrs as a single mother. It was not an easy task. I have since remarried to a wonderful man. We have recently talked about wanting to travel with horses. So, I look forward to listening to your journey on the audible version.


  5. Hi there, I just listened to part of preview, but I had to turn it off. It made me so angry and triggered my PTSD. I too escaped an emotionally abusive asshole. I was so downtrodden with no self esteem, but I was able to stand up to him a little more than you could, although it didn’t help much. I’m afraid I can’t continue listening or reading, too triggering. But it looks a wonderful, inspiring story and after many years of self work, therapy, I’m in a good place with a loving husband. I wish you all the best from Australia. Julie 💕


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