Equestrian Legacy Radio interview in May 2014, while on SHLEP

IMG_6392Last May I was camping in Nebraska at Turkey Creek Ranch, which was my 19th state on SHLEP. While I was at Brenda & John’s beautiful camp I was interviewed by Gary Holt for Equestrian Legacy Radio. I never was able to actually listen to the show and kind of forgot about it.

I recently found a recording of it on the internet and listened to it tonight. I had just turned 60 and was not even half way through the 48 states yet. It was bittersweet to listen to myself talking about my journey, I hadn’t lost my parents yet and no idea what I was going to be soon facing. But it was interesting to hear my voice reminding me what I was doing and what I had learned and been inspired by so far.

If you’d like to hear it, here’s the link. My interview starts 50 minutes in.


2 thoughts on “Equestrian Legacy Radio interview in May 2014, while on SHLEP

  1. Gosh just start reading your post and so disappointed already for you hearing about your dad. Going to continue reading. I hope by the end you have a horse again. If so come visit and ride with me any time


    • Mom and Dad have been gone a year now and I guess you never get over loosing your folks. I do have one horse with me now, Dreamy. I only lasted 6 months without a horse, they are vital to my sanity and well being. Wildflower is still in pasture in Idaho, board in the LA area is so expensive and my divorce is still not settled so I am trying to save money till I know where I stand financially. Thanks for reading my blog.


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