3 months in Pasadena, CA

maresWell I wasn’t going to blog until I resumed my SHLEP in the spring, but I changed my mind. So much has happened.

After moving into the rental house I found myself in a state of culture shock most of the time. I had no “transition” time from life on the road with my horses to being stationary without horses and it’s disorienting. I now have time on my hands, which is not good for me, or at least I don’t think it is, or it is uncomfortable.

And then my dad died. I’ve had 2 months to grapple with it and it is still hard to accept. Yvonne turned out to be even more evil than I could of imagined and made the whole experience seem like a soap opera nightmare, her drama taking away from the reality of my father dying and all that meant to me. In the moments after he died, before I landed in FL, she changed the locks on the house and the woman who shouted “PRAYER WORKS!” a few months ago, became a thief in the night, stealing from the dead. And there is nothing I can do about it. Liza says karma will get her. I don’t know, I am to weary to speculate her getting paybacks or not…

So now I am the trustee for 2 estates for my deceased parents and 2 special needs trusts for two disabled relatives. If you have ever done this you know how much work this is. I went thru the motions of Christmas, truly warmed by the presence of all 3 of my children, and of course Jessie (I changed Tommy’s name since I now live with my son of the same name) and Nalla. But it was  hard, my first Christmas without neither my father or mother. Wildflower and Dreamy are still in Idaho experiencing their first true winter wonderland. I am not worried about them but I miss them every day.

I had surgery on my hip last Monday. I am experiencing my first sciatic pain free days in years. The surgery was rough and the drugs just about made me suicidal, but they are out of my system now and I feel normal again. Turns out the problem was not my spine, but a muscle constricting the sciatic nerve in my hip area. The surgeon also repaired a very old quad tear at the hip that I had gotten used to but was probably contributing to my pain anyway. I can’t ride for 6 weeks, but I don’t have my horses here anyway. But I really look forward to finishing SHLEP without the pain! Pain has a way of killing the fun.

I have been working on my book and have enlisted the help of Sherri Stevenson. I have way too much material for your average reader to get thru, this is a tough editing job and I need help. It is hard for me to read thru my writings from this past year. Its still pretty raw. But I really believe that this is a great story and needs to be told. Of course, I don’t know the end yet.

2 thoughts on “3 months in Pasadena, CA

  1. Hope things get better for you Kathy. It is difficult to go through the loss of ones parents and then to have everything else thrown on you is hard. You seemed like a strong person when I met you at Shawnee NF in Illinois and I’ll bet you can get through this. Keep your chin up and you’ll do fine.


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