I had easter dinner burgers with the lovely couple that are the managers here. What a beautiful family. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Their kids and grandkids where there, its still strange to meet women much younger than me that are grandparents. This is an amazingly loving family, I felt it the moment I got over to their trailer. The little ones had an egg hunt in the dark and I was so moved by watching them. There was no bickering amongst them at all. Really lovely children. I talked for some time to one of the guys, not sure how he is related to them, but he is a truck driver. We talked about highways, drivers, speed limits, tire pressures. I loved picking his brain. He is the first professional truck driver that I have met. But mostly I was so moved by this family, God is surely present here.

Today I got up and the mares are still not eating the new hay so I gave them what was left of my neighbors hay that she left for me. I went to Jasper for hay, laundry, propane, gas, wi-fi, groceries and some trailer things I needed. I got everything done except uploading photos to the blog, McDonald’s connection was too slow. The mares like the new hay thank god. The camp is letting me just leave the 6 old bales here, they’ll take care of it. There is something wrong with that hay. After putting everything away and folding the laundry, I tried to fix the septic tank leak I have. I got some Goop on the leak and put duct tape over it but it kept dripping. So I opened the tank to drain it, I don’t think it will glue shut if it is wet, there was really nothing in the tank at this point anyway. I hope it works but it probably won’t and I don’t know where I can get this fixed.

I was going to ride but got real sleepy in the afternoon, probably cuz I ate a chocolate bar, and then I got a headache. I need to cut out the candy. I cleaned up my horses’ feet which were kind of chipped up, probably cuz they had gotten a little long. They are looking pretty good but WF has at least 2 bruises on the hoof walls and a nasty flare on one of her hind heels that she scrubs when she walks. And Dreamy has a nasty chip on a toe that looks like a crack could develop. I tried to relieve the pressure on either side as much as I could and will keep a close eye on it. I hobbled them and let them graze, there is only one other trailer here so they had nothing to worry about. After about an hour I made their evening feed and they both hobbled back on their own, which was kind of neat.

When I was watching them graze I got some good photos of them. The woman from the other trailer came over and introduced herself. I ended up having supper at their trailer. They are a little older than me and do this a lot but have never left Texas. I had a really nice evening with them. They lost a horse to laminitis last year, actually both of their horses suddenly foundered, but the other survived and is here now. The woman’s horse had to be put down and she has a new mount with her. We talked a lot about horse stuff, especially feet, nutrition and being barefoot. They use easy boot gloves also. They have a yellow lab like Tucker but much larger. It pulled at my heart some.

I saw the managers again and thanked them for Easter supper and we got to talking some about God. They are very spiritual and said I can come over any time and talk about God. I knew it!

Tommy’s new trick is to head off with my muck bucket. He actually will bring it back to me part way when I tell him to. He’s also gotten interested in the horses’ ropes. While I had WF on a lead, he grabbed the end and took off with her. Gotta stop that one. He went on his 3rd trail ride with me today and was very good. Took a nice nap afterwards too which gave my boots a break, he likes to chew on my boots when I am just sitting down. Its like, lets go play. It gets very annoying after a while.

I ponied again today and ended up at the beach again. The girls are still too timid to go into the tiny waves but they licked at the water a little, Dreamy much bolder than WF of course. I painted a bit and started prepping to leave tomorrow. Its a 2 day haul to OK camp which is good cuz there are tornado watches in OK tomorrow. I found an overnight closer to my daughter Rachel who is at TCU. Its the Fort Worth Stockyard, which is kind of famous and historic. Rachel seems excited that I’m coming, she can show me her school and we can have dinner. There are supposed to be a lot of good places to eat there. I’m glad this worked out for both of us.

Jennifer (the camper I had dinner with last night) came by and helped me graze my girls on lead lines. If I hobbled them today, they would gobble up all the grass clippings since they mowed today, so I wanted them to only graze the unmowed area. We talked for some time, and she gave me a red white and blue bandana with a card that is so cute. A cowgirl taking a bath in a horse troth while her horse stands by. I do miss my hot baths! Texas hospitality and friendliness has really impressed me.

The image I had of Texas was quite different than I have seen here. This is hilly, sandy, pine trees, big lake…I have so many beautiful photos from my stay it was hard to eliminate any so there are quite a few for you to look thru.



























3 thoughts on “Texas

  1. Yo Kathy. Seems like you r doing okay. Some good some bad but what an experience and the wonderful people that you r meeting. Haven’t ridden as much since u left but I’ll get along. Take care of yourself and pl keep in touch stay safe . Have fu. With your daughter.


  2. Enjoy your blog!! We just returned from a week on camping & riding at Cedar Lake OK. Awesome dogwoods & wild flowers. Stay safe & happy trails. JRenfro


  3. Enjoyed reading about your stay at Ebenezer at Angelina National Forest (Jasper, TX). I have many great memories of my first NATRC ride where I volunteered to help at the ride at the urging of a friend – nearly froze that night in a tent! Later came back to actually compete, having to pull due to an exhausted horse–walked her two miles back to camp (someone else took my saddle), we get back to the trailer and she is full of herself again! Came back again and finished First in the Novice division – highest points gave me Sweepstakes! I still have the metal silhouette of a horse and rider on the wall in my office. That was September, 1995. I remember that was my first time cantering on the beach (it was one of our obstacles). Went back with friends years later to camp and ride. Ended up getting lost on the morning we were supposed to leave – stopped at a house to see how to get back to camp, saw a rattlesnake but we were all too exhausted to care, and learned we had ridden 35 miles that day…no food, no water, didn’t have cell phones back then (we did, the big brick size you didn’t take with you). The camp officials were getting ready to search for us! Thanks for triggering those memories!


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