Mississippi (I still spell it with the sing-song I learned as a kid)

MS State #14
I drove down Natchez Trace Trail Parkway from US 20 right after Jackson, MS. This an amazingly beautiful parkway. There were fields of little blue flowers and grass and big trees, just lovely winding road. It is an historic trail from the civil war. I want to read up on the history of this area. The trail itself runs right along side of this campground.

I met one of the owners, what a nice guy. And he has a large healthy version of my Tucker …he works at a nuclear power plant nearby. His partner makes juice for vape cigarettes! And he is an expert on how they work, he said he’d make some for me and tell me all the tricks. I’ve got it down pretty good now, its not like you just buy one and use it, there are issues like spitting, burning taste, crappy batteries. Add to that that I drop them all the time and loose them. But its still better than smoking cigarettes, I don’t care what anyone else says. I love it and if I didn’t have it I’d be smoking again. I’m so sick of high and mighty people saying its bad for me, or that they just quit cold turkey. So what?! I’ve done that too. The problem is that it is a life long struggle. One tragedy and I’m back to smoking. The last time I quit was for 25 years. When I separated from my husband and my life went into the quagmire that it is now, I started smoking again. These folks have no idea what its like obviously. And vaping does not smell up the trailer or truck and my smokers cough is GONE! So explain that to me again how its bad for me…

Well I had wi-fi for a while but it seems to go in and out. I hope they get it back up, it would be great to have.

Another 2 horse trailer just pulled in so we have company now. Since I was the only one here, I got the big grass arena for the mares. I hope all that grass is ok for them. They haven’t touched their hay…

Tomorrow is a rest day. Paint, write, get groceries, let WF’s sore leg get better I hope too.

4/13/14 Palm Sunday

I’ve been at Trace Trail Campground since the 11th. When I arrived there was no one here but the owners that live here, 2 very friendly guys. They even picked up some groceries for me yesterday saying that I should just have fun and relax here. That was so nice.

The 2 trailers that pulled in that night turned out to be a young couple and an “older” (my age) couple with 4 quarter horses! Jerry used to race quarter horses. I never had heard of that. The go super fast short distance, quarter mile the longest. He bred and raced them in Louisiana. The young couple is engaged and will honeymoon next winter in St Thomas. I really enjoyed their company. I rode with the older ones today. I took Dreamy and she was perfect as usual. Its so nice to ride with riders like them. Its not a race and not an endurance feat. Just enjoy your horse, the beautiful woods and each other’s company. I did loose a hind boot but I think I used too big of a one so I’ll go down a size next ride. I’ll look for the lost one tomorrow when I ride the same trail on WF. The trail is called Natchez Trace and it dates back to the civil war. There are enormous pine trees, magnolia and dogwood trees too, in the woods! The mud wasn’t too bad and I enjoyed riding some up and down stuff. I do get bored on the flats all the time. Linda is a dental hygenist and told me about an art and wine thing their office went to. I had actually applied for a job at one of those type of places in FL, but I didn’t get it. Everyone left today.

After riding I painted. I have been very productive here for some reason. I reorganized all my rubbermaid boxes of horse stuff so now I can find things when I need them. I cleaned out the trailer living quarters. I got 2 paintings done. I sealed the trailer roof leaks I had in the last storm (its supposed to rain tonight). I hooked up the trailer and got unstuck out of the ruts I had pulled into and was too tired to try and solve at the time. I feel really good. I think my new diet has helped me a lot. I am having a good portion of protein 3 times a day. My dad would be pleased to see me eating so much!

There is something very special about this place. It is very peaceful and serene.

Yesterday a really roudy group pulled in with 3 large stock trailers and a bunch of locals. There were about 7 or 8 of them that then rode out. A few of them made it back after dark. I don’t know what happened to the rest of them. They loaded up the horses and pulled out so fast, ratting the stock trailers on the dirt road. Yahoo! They were sure having a good time. Today we saw their beer cans along the trail…not cool.

The wind is picking up and the temp is dropping, the storm is approaching. Got the hay covered and all the animals fed. It will be dark soon. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 60’s and clear. Perfect riding weather for my last day here.

4/14/14 am
Well it poured most of the night and the noise on the trailer roof only woke me up once so I must be getting used to it now. I opened the door to let Tommy out and it was a lake of water under us. Tommy looks like a lab but is afraid of water, lol. I had to push him out to go pee. It got light eventually, after 2 cups of coffee, and I put on my raincoat (which has somehow lost it’s water repellency), my rain boots (which have holes in them now), my cowboy hat and fed the horses, wading thru the water. Their arena-home is not too sloppy, the grass still holding the ground together, they have mowed it down considerably tho. All the hay in the truck bed and under the goose neck was dry miraculously, I had wrapped it as taught by the helpful camper back in GA. Lay the tarp down, put the hay on it, wrap up all sides, then either tie it or put something heavy on top for those of you newbies like me. I spent some time trying to dig mini ditching with the heel of my boot to get some of our lake area to drain. I finally dug out my shovel from under a ton of other stuff in the manger storage area and that worked better. I built a pine needle dam around the hay under the goose neck too. I’m surprised how fine I feel despite the water.

I can’t ride WF today as planned, the trails will be soup, so I won’t find my missing boot I guess. It obviously didn’t fit well enough anyway. I have wi-fi so I have spent some time on Facebook then listened to Steve Barry’s sermon on “The Trap” on line. It’s so great to be able to still see him speak even tho I am not in FL any more. I really needed his forceful way of preaching to really get thru to me. I was there for 4 months to be with my dad and God kept me there to be saved. I was baptized as a baby but decided to be baptized by Steve last month. I am so grateful.

I have to pack up everything tonight, tomorrow we move to Louisiana. So today what shall I do? Go for a walk, play with Tommy, email ahead to some campgrounds. Or what ever happens…

my mares new home, still lush with grass on day 1

my mares new home, still lush with grass on day 1

my campsite

my campsite


red states are don

red states are don

riding with 2 new friends from camp

riding with 2 new friends from camp

Tommy's favorite toy now (an orange juice bottle with dog chow inside)

Tommy’s favorite toy now (an orange juice bottle with dog chow inside)





after the downpour

after the downpour

2 thoughts on “Mississippi (I still spell it with the sing-song I learned as a kid)

  1. Hay Kath ,really enjoying following you on your trek.the pictures are great and the horses look happy.I also like the paintings,although I haven’t seen the Florida painting . Hope you’re feeling well,give Tommy a pat on the head for me. 🙂


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