Today I adopted Tommy, a 1 year old black lab. I’ve called him Brandi a few times by mistake, Brandi lives in CA with my ex and is a sweet little black lab. His shelter name is Tommy which is the same name as my soon to be 21 year old son. I don’t want to change his name tho, it fits him. This is our last night in FL. Marion and Roger (the home owners that I’ve been boarding the horses at here) were so helpful getting me ready to go, I can’t thank them enough. Marion is an amazing woman and I am so honored and blessed to of found her here. I have loved riding with the fun partying trail riding club here, I will miss you all! What a hospitable place.
I have a repaired generator set up, new house batteries and a new dog! We leave in the morning, overnight at Dixie’s place again in Jacksonville and then on to Mingos Trail in Toomsboro GA.

7 thoughts on “Tommy

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Congradulations on your knew friend, and arriving just in time to begin your new journey with you. Maybe Tommy and Brandi are not the right names. How about Tucker, II? He returns to finish your journey with you. Think about it. Maggie came back to me.

    Love, Jan


  2. So happy for you and your new puppy! I hope he is fixed and has a chip… important in this day and age. He is adorable!!!


  3. What an adorable puppy, you have your hands fuller now. Good Luck travel safe and we WILL see you again. I will keep in touch on facebook.

    Mary Cay


  4. Oh Kathy- he’s beautiful. So glad you have had this happy respite in your life. Doggies are such wonderful companions in life. You are loved. robin.


  5. you cant belive what a good feiling i have that tommie has joined you. looks like the perfit for you two love dad the spelling champ in the sixth grade


    • Oh, I just put this together, Guess Who was my dad!! Oh I miss you so much daddy. I owe this whole journey to your support and generosity. You called it the Adventure of a Lifetime, and at the time I thought it was just another episode in hell for me. Yes, you were right, it was the Adventure of a lifetime. Thank you. I hope you’re having a blast in heaven! love, kathy


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