What I am doing in FL

N Carolina painting

N Carolina painting

It rained all day so I finished the N Carolina painting. I went to a really great church this morning, Christian Family Church in Jupiter, FL. Loved the music and I really needed to hear what he had to say. I really needed to go to a worship service, have not done this since I left CA in September. He talked about our inner Peace. They were super welcoming and gave me a bible. Leaving I got stuck in the sand parking lot, it was pouring rain. I stuck some palm fronds under the stuck tire and got out, but I was soaking wet by then. I thought that was all appropriate somehow…
The horses have been off all week and I finally got to ride yesterday. Marion took me out to show me where to go around here. Lots of opportunities for long steady stretches of moving out here, flat soft footing. This will be fun. There is one 5 mile long straight stretch along a canal…
My dad is doing pretty good. He had a port put in Friday for his chemo treatments. I’m glad I am here. No one should have to go thru this without family. He is a good patient and not having any bad side effects so far, just fatigue a few days afterwards and of course his gorgeous hair is thinning…

3 thoughts on “What I am doing in FL

  1. Glad to see you are in FL safe and sound and with your Dad. I’m sure he is very Thankful to have you there. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad. Take care always.


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