Truck driving lessons

Ron my profession truck driving instructor

Ron my profession truck driving instructor

Friday I had a lesson with Ron. Driving one of these huge trucks is a lot different than driving my GMC 2500 HD Sierra. It takes a lot of muscle just to push the buttons to release the air brakes. And my left leg was shaking trying to control the clutch. Ron said I backed the best “straight back exercise” for the first time of any of his students. Not such a big deal tho since I have done that a million times. I did pretty good on the u-turn but crunched a cone on the offset backing. I spent the entire time in 1st gear or reverse. Maneuvering is so much easier when you are crawling along in 1st gear…lesson learned. Then it was the next student’s turn. One hour flew by. He is a really nice guy and I enjoyed talking with him. I’m going to bring my rig for lessons as soon as it is available. It is still “getting repaired” from the gas station driveway incident, although it may be just sitting waiting for parts still…not sure… I can’t seem to get an answer out of those guys.

I had been getting discouraged about it not being able to sell my old trailer which is on All American Trailer’s used lot, so I listed it on Craig’s list. I’d never done that before. In 24 hours I had two people ready with cash (amazing!) so I was going to go pick it up from the trailer place’s lot and I called them to tell them I was coming for it. Surprise Surprise, they sold it last night! “Funny how stuff happens” Mike said. Yeah, funny…that’s what I say a lot these days.

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