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*****Amazon real reader reviews received 5 out of 5 stars *****
I absolutely loved this book. Once I started reading, I had a difficult time putting it down. I admire Kathy for finding strength to pull herself out of a terrible situation and having the courage to go on her SHLEP!  -Happy Shopper
Kathy Burns wrote a beautifully candid story of her “broken” life and how the bonding with her horses during over a year of riding through the states helped her heal. Her accounts were funny at times, emotional and heart wrenching at times, but always honest. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good read! I finished her book in two days. Ordinarily, I would be sad when reaching the end of the book because it was like coming to the end of a friendship. Kathy lives down the street from me so I have the opportunity to keep her as a friend! Enjoy!  -Nancy C.
In the first few chapters, I had already laughed, cried, and was angry on the author’s behalf! She is very authentic with her journey and emotions. I’m guessing that Kathy has already helped people that she met on her SHLEP, and hopefully many more through this book! -Chemaine
Kathy does an amazing job of taking us with her on her literal and soul searching journey. Her writing style easily sweeps us up as she generously shares the emotional turmoil she was going through. Recommended for not only horse lovers, but anyone who needs to know they are not alone in experiencing the trauma of a difficult divorce.
This is the well told story of an extraordinary journey. The author reveals her fears and weaknesses with candid honesty and vivid description. This story will sometimes exhaust you and turn around and fill you with admiration and empathy along a journey of a lifetime. Highly recommended for anyone who thinks they are not strong or worthy. This story will give them the courage to walk up to their life and slap it in the face.
Title: A wonderful, soul deepening experience  
Thank you for sharing your honest, and somtimes painful journey. An inspiration to us all! -Lydia S. Glass
Title: Very good
Enjoyed her journey. An excellent read for any woman trying to find her true self after being with a narcissist. Traveling in search of her control, her thought processes both good and bad are interesting. Would suggest this book to anyone feeling lost and controlled.
-kim smith
Wonderful story and she is now my friend. I was lucky enough to meet her. And then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery a year ago today. Two months later I loaded my horse on a trailer and crossed the country just Roxy and me. 11,100 miles later we were home after eight months on the road. Get this book.
-Linda Jenny
As a horsewoman myself I’m so inspired by this book. There absolutely is healing power in spending time with beloved horses and dogs. Kathy put herself in so many situations that scared me to pieces but she kept going, found God in the process and learned that He is good. I happened to read this in a time of stress in my own life, so I value the reminder that God is always in control and our suffering has a purpose. I couldn’t put it down. If I have one complaint it’s that I want to see the paintings! She made a painting of her horses in each state. I wish photos were included. Don’t miss this gem of a story!
Wow- This was an epic adventure with the most transparent and honest recount of the author’s life! As a horse owner it appealed to my sense of adventure. As a woman, it opened my eyes to how we can so easily get lost in needs of those around us. As a Christian- it pointed me back to the cross and the loving embrace of Christ. I was rooting for the heroine the entire time! Couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end….
This is a book that I read in one day. Emotional rollercoaster. It’s a story that was hard to read at times because of the emotions it brought about but her determination made it clear she is a survivor. Her connection with her horses as her therapy was something I could relate to as a horsewoman myself. It would have been nice to see a map of her travels as I had a hard time remembering where she’d been as I was reading.
I loved the book but would have gladly paid more if the paintings were included! Didn’t stop me from buying one, though. Kathy probably was just testing the waters. Her blog has the paintings.
I couldn’t put the book down. Her adventures are gripping and she captures with words as well as with her paintings. Hope she writes a sequel.
-molly kiuchi
Well written thoughtful book. Any horsewoman or animal lover would love this book. Kathy life mirrored mine in so many ways, feeling worthless, having to be without horses due to marriage and kids , then having them come back into your life with such powerful healing qualities. Taking a healing journey to reflect and grow. So many similarities. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and would highly recommend it
-P. Achilly
Kathy went on a journey with her 2 horses and her dog to heal from her abusive marriage. Through her travels, people that she met & through God. She found peace, healing. Her difficulties were real and she still pressed on.
-Cynthia Anderson
I was captured from chapter one. Even if you don’t have horses the author captured the essence of her life situation and how she Navigated her way through it. Honest to a high degree and fun loving adventures throughout. It left me with an increased faith that in this walk through life we are not alone. The author navigates her day to day life on the road with grit and forward thinking.
-kristin kill
I was amazed at the parallels between Kathy’s life experiences and mine! I could so relate to her thought processes as she moved through her journey of healing, both physically and emotionally. I would love to see a map of her journey, as well as some of the pictures taken in the book, not to mention, her paintings. Thoughoughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down!
Very inspiring book, especially for women. A good read on determination, resiliency, healing, coping with family, and on faith. And on traveling with your horse. I even learned something about driving my truck and trailering! If you need encouragement on coping or being more independent and adventurous, Kathy supplies it. Highly recommended reading. -Ruth M
This book touches you to your core, I felt like I was on this journey with her, my heart hurt for her, and wow to put it all out there amazed me. You want to know what is next. I hope you all enjoyed it and cried along as I did.
-Olivia Schwartz
Kathy unfolds her soul-healing journey with grit and determination. Her confidence rises and she finds her young self, riding free in the wind and free of her pain. I am so blessed to have been a small part of this journey. Kudos, Kathy!
-Caroline Craven
This book is a true experience. I was lucky enough to meet zkathy Burns in Texas
-jennifer capano
What a raw, unbridled (pardon the pun) tale of perseverance, hardship, bad luck, dumb luck, and sheer determination. I felt as though I was with Kathy Burns every step of the way. Loved it!  -Kristy Astry
Kathy stayed at my cabin in Bear Creek when she was on her journey…I was so impressed with her strength and determination! Thank you, Kathy, for sharing your inspirational adventure with us!! -Kim
Title: Cowgirl courage
I know how horses can bring out the best in us& give us courage to conquer anything that’s holding us back& it certainly worked for the author,I’ve read it 3 times now,good luck in the future my friend,God blessed U.  -Jeffrey L. Fulton
Title: The most important thing was the unknown and going for it
I loved this book and after following Kathy’s SHLEP on Facebook I didn’t want the book to end, talented, adventurous, brave and spiritual good women and wonderful mom
Happy Trails Kathy -Trudy Sena
Title: Horse lovers will love this!
What an adventure of courage! Truthfully written and lived!! Love this story of hope! I’m giving it to my special people for Christmas! -Jane W Johnson
Title: Excellent book!
Good read for someone who has struggled with an abusive marriage. I really enjoyed the process she went through with traveling with her horses. –Luvhorses
Title: A Page Turner
Beautiful book. I read it in 2 days. I am a horse/dog person too. It was great taking that trip with you. Heartbreaking and joyful at the same time. -B Williamson
Title: Healing
I happened upon this book at the perfect time in my healing from trauma! I was sorry to see it end and long for a sequel! -Cassy
Title: Kathy has been an inspiration to me.
Excellent reading. Could not put it down. The book was easy to read without a lot of unnecessary jibberish. I highly recommended it. -Linda phelps
Title: Inspiring
What an inspiring journey. As a lifelong horsewoman, I could easily relate to some of her trials and tribulations. Excellent read!! -Eileen Tierney
Title: Intense truthful read
Two things I hope Kathy now knows: She is brave and she can write. I won’t lie, it was a hard and raw read sometimes since I also had a verbally abusive marriage. Mine did not last that long fortunately. I have blurred memories of calling old friends during my marriage who knew my ex while we were dating- and saying ” I am not crazy right?” So i know how it can eat away at your soul. And without being a spoiler, there was a point where I wondered IF this Kathy person would ever see the light! I wish the kindle version had some paintings included in the chapters. I had no idea what a wonderful artist she is until I looked at her gallery. I think seeing the beauty she was creating in her paintings as she struggled with the ugly thoughts inside her would have been interesting to see side by side in the book chapters. -Amazon Customer
Title: A great read!
I’d recommend this book to anyone, horse person or not. Kathy’s journey should resonate with anyone who reads it. Through learning to travel alone with her horses and the ins and outs of hauling and surviving in a horse trailer, losing a beloved dog, losing parents, finding peace and reconnecting with her sister, and realizing her own strength while dealing with a tough divorce, everyone will relate to something in this memoir. She embraces the beauty of her horses and the places she travels, finds spiritual solace, and the kindness of strangers. The book inspires as she examines her past, her relationships, and looks to her future. I began reading the book thinking I would finish it in a day, but ended up rationing the pages because I didn’t want it to end, and I wanted to digest what I’d read.
-Amazon Customer
Title: Real, riveting and inspiring story of female courage
This is a real, riveting and inspiring story of broken relationships, life transitions, and hope for a better tomorrow. It’s relatable and real for me and many women out there, if we are honest with ourselves. The author is loving proof that it’s never too late to start a new chapter in our book of LIFE. -ALVK
Title: You can survive!
It is one thing to tell your story, it is another to dig deep and expose your fragility in order to find yourself. This is a story of one woman’s desperate attempt to heal from a bad marriage and all the demons that chased her. Find out how she succeeded.
-Janelle Lear
Title: Love love love this book
What a wonderful book! There are so many pieces to it. I was drawn into it because of the horses…traveling across country with a truck, trailer and two equines is a dream and fantasy…but the sad marriage piece, the almost adult kids, aging parents and search for God made it real. It was full of detail concerning driving a long load and then wonderful moments of meeting new people and adventurous riding with her horses. I’ll give the book away if I say more…let’s just say it’s like catching up with an old friend who’s been away too long and you want to hear every detail!!!
Title: Healing, Horse and Faith
I loved going along on this inspiring journey. I could not put it down.
Title: Couldn’t put it down!
Go ahead and buy the book! I read it in two days, didn’t want the adventure to end, had a lot in common with Kathy. Here’s to happier days!!!

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