Sunday at Mule Days

I’ve been up here a week, camping in the tack room of my horse trailer. I’m not cut out for roughing it I guess. I’m too cold at night and I miss the comforts of home. My friend Marcy came up Thursday to help me set up my booth and man it. It was nice to catch up with my old friend.

Only one painting and 5 books got sold, and then the wind got wicked and I had to pull my vendor booth down before it blew away. I’m disappointed in how I handled the adversity. I had 2 exhibit days and I’m not going to set it back up today.

The parade yesterday was impressive as usual and last nights Mule show was entertaining and a great way to break my funky mood. A couple of pack scrambles were my favorite events. One was college teams and the other was several pro packing teams.

There are hundreds of campers here, a good deal of them in ginormous RV’s. Our tiny primitive sites aren’t big enough for many of them. I feel like I’m surrounded by skyscrapers. But off in the distance are the majestic snow capped Sierras and a herd of mamma and baby cows are grazing in a pasture filled with wild irises 20′ from my trailer.

Marcy took off early this morning after I apologized for my rude behavior yesterday. I’m mostly packed up and trying to figure out if I can negotiate my trailer out of the crowd of trucks and trailers that surround me.

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