Florida (this post is out of order, its from fall of 2013)

Thanksgiving day 2013
Jupiter, FL
I am taking some time off of my SHLEP with my horses to visit with my dad in sunny Florida. I have a great backyard home for the horses 1/2 hour from here. I plan on riding less during my visit so I can reconnect with my wonderful father who has started chemo recently. Dad was always my rock and this past year I could not of survived without him.

I have camped and ridden in 10 states so far, starting 9/18/13 in Southern CA. When I resume I will do the Best of America by Horseback ride in Mayo, FL then finish off the southern states until the rest of the country warms up. I’ll do the big wide open northern states this summer and go to new england for fall colors riding. I should be finished this time next year. I will then decide which state I want to live in. Right now all my stuff is in storage and I am using friends and relatives addresses since I don’t really have one. Everything I need fits in my 28′ trailer (3 stalls with 12′ living quarters) and my GMC 2500 diesel truck.

Dad welcomed me with a dozen long stemmed roses. So sweet. I have enjoyed great meals prepared by Yvonne and even got a massage yesterday. The clubhouse parking attendants washed my filthy truck. I was able to replace my e-cigarette battery and quit smoking again. And they have Timothy hay!! And I have hi speed internet finally so I can post some videos here. Ahhhh, the blessings of civilized life. Very cozy. Wonder how long it will be before I start itching to wander…

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