Last day at heavenly Leatherwood in NC

11/16/13 Saturday, last day at Leatherwood, North Carolina

Today I prep to leave in the morning for South Carolina, I’m going to H Cooper Black State Park which came very highly recommended by many people.

Thursday I rode Dreamy! Awesome as usual.  And I now have Adequan to make her more comfortable altho I don’t see any evidence of discomfort any more.  But her old x-rays show significant arthritis and spurs in her front crooked leg so I will start her loading doses and keep her on it forever. I think she just tries so hard, has such an enormous heart that I don’t see any limping. We went to Joetown which was a long slow climb thru the forest.  Once up there it was rolling hills and sandy, we trotted long and loped when she felt like it. I stopped at a grassy area (which I later found out is a deer hunter’s trap area, there was a hunter’s tree house thing in a tree).  I hobbled her and she munched on the grass.  Then we headed home a slightly different way.  Great ride, about 3 hours.

I had supper in the lodge restaurant.  There was only one other diner other than the owners that were hanging out there too.  I had a burger, onion rings, salad and a beer for $13 plus tip.  Reasonable and good.  The other diner was very friendly and lives here.  He told me about a 2 bedroom apartment in a nice barn on one of the properties here that the owner rents out but has been vacant for two years. I didn’t ask how much but got her name.  Sounds dreamy.  My horses are very happy here and so am I. Hmmm…

Friday I started KY and NC paintings.  I listened to the local Christian Rock radio station.  They had many preachers talk about marriage.

I saddled Wildflower with the dressage saddle and snaffle bit at noon and headed out. I wore my australian coat cuz it looked like rain (which it did a little). On the way past the arena I met 3 women.  They asked if one could come along with me on the trail.  She was riding a grey gelding quarter horse (I think) with a very kind eye.  I welcomed some company.  We talked the entire time and went back up to Joetown.  They are staying in a friend’s house here at Leatherwood and she invited me to dinner and gave me suggestions of places to camp in NC and VA. Her friend had a wreck on the trail the other day and she filled me in on what happened.  Along the way my phone dinged…CELL SERVICE!  I stopped to call my mom, it was her birthday.  Lucky break, I had been worried about not talking to her on her birthday.  She gave up so much to have me, she was 19.  My dad married her and they had me.  So young.

When we got back we met a farrier that was here to check out the horse that had the wreck and another guy that is now here camping. They gave us beer and we laughed a bunch.  I took WF back to her corral, fed them and told them they were both awesome and that I loved them so much.  I grabbed my hamburger and went over to their house where we had a really nice time eating and talking.  They want to ride with me at a place in VA and one said I can hook up and ride at her place in NC if I come here again.  They all had interesting histories (a few horrible ex’s too) and stories and they wanted to know all about me, my life, my children, my horses, my journey.  They said grace and prayed for my safe journey. It’s so comforting to be among like minded Christians. I am now getting comfortable about speaking truthfully about my new found spirituality and the joy, hope, grace and peace it has given me. They asked me if I write a book what I will title it.  I thought a bit, hadn’t considered that before.  I said SHLEP and got the usual “nah” reaction.  I explained what it stands for, how shlepping was how I felt my life had become and how Party has recently been changed to Praise. I think it fits. They gave me a dvd of Eat Love Pray with Julia Roberts. I went back to camp, took a shower and turned in.  I slept soundly listening to the ping ping of the rain on the trailer roof, cozy with Nalla by my side.

This morning I woke at 5, made coffee and smoked.  Fed my beauties, had oatmeal and bacon and then I finished the KY painting.  I like it. It is a grey drizzle day.  Not sure if I will ride or not yet.  If I do its a Dreamy day!! She’ll tell me if she wants to head out.

I need to go to the lodge to use the wi-fi to get info on my drive tomorrow, gps has proven not always accurate on rural locations.  And I’ll call the camp with my usual questions:  Exact directions to the camp? Do you have a septic dump? Wi-Fi? Cell service? How far to the nearest grocery, propane refill station, laundry. Do you sell hay?

And I will text Tommy again to see if he is coming to South Carolina for Thanksgiving or not.

I have my humbling Check List printed out and in a plastic sleeve at the ready.

Its chilly in the trailer, why is the space heater off? Crap, no clock light on the microwave, I blew a circuit breaker…no, the whole mountain lost power.


New friend, beautiful ride


crazy bridge to my camp areaImage

Kentucky painting

8 thoughts on “Last day at heavenly Leatherwood in NC

  1. I hope you like H Cooper as much as we do! The park Rangers name is Butch – he is a super nice guy. If you are still there for Thanksgiving we will be there with friends and you are welcome to join us for turkey!


  2. Hope you and your horses find good trails in SC. Enjoyed riding Leatherwood with you! Yesterday I jumped off the back of a truck and badly sprained my ankle and fractured a bone. No riding for me for a while, but I will be keeping up with your riding. Take care.


  3. I’m so glad I made my way over and met you, what a inspiration you are. I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Safe travels are wished to you and your horses on your journey. Enjoying your stories and paintings. God Bless.


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