5 thoughts on “Well it was cold last night and this explains why I had no water!

  1. Ahhhhh ugh! I was concerned this would happen to “the California Girl”

    Hope it didn’t break any pipes underneath the trailer.

    I’m in Playa Del Rey again. It will be a heat wave. 82 today. I got sick , stomached flu, yesterday and missed all the first day of my meeting. I slept almost the whole day and watched silly movies the rest of the day. I cannot even remember a day like that. Soooo today I have to play catch up and get two days of content in one. If the headache will leaver one I will be okay
    I like this little BB.’
    I didn’t even walk to the beach yesterday. Darn

    I hope the have a trailer handy man for you. I have used my hair drier to blow hot and thaw pipes before. Good luck ‘
    It was 14 last night at home. I’m so not ready for winter !
    God bless you , Kathy
    You are smart and determined and good as gold. You will figure it out
    Love ya. j


  2. Ditto what Jane said … smart, determined and good as gold. Hang in there. Getting cold here too. Heading to Rochester on Monday for my hopeful surgery. Weather is good until the weekend, so I am trying to do all the riding I can before I am furloughed!


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