Payson UT to Challis ID

Image7 years ago I adopted 2 PMU babies from Canyon Creek Ranch in Acton, CA. One was for me (Wildflower) and one became my daughter’s Christmas present (Tiara).  When Tiara was 4 it was determined that she should not be ridden any longer which broke our hearts.  Eventually after trying to be backyard caretakers to her, we shipped her to Challis Creek Ranch, a retirement ranch recommended to us by Heather Nelson, a riding club acquaintance who has since become a very close friend of mine.  Heather had a horse retired there too. I am now at that ranch with Wildflower (and Dreamy and the whole gang). In our backyard days she knew Tucker as a puppy.  Here they are getting re-aquainted. Tiara is still the sweet girl she was, and sniffed Tucker all over.  It was very touching.

flashback:  After Pine Creek, I overnighted in Payson UT at a small ranch. The owner, Byron, told me a big storm was coming in with snow down to 7,000′.  Jack Challis concurred and recommended I haul straight to his place since the passes with snow on them would be not a good idea for me to travel on.  SNOW??? Are you kidding me…I packed up fast and drove 8 hours the next morning to Challis.  I hit some rain but thank God, no snow.  It came after I arrived safe and sound.  The surrounding mountains are 14,000′ and are white now.

I have been here as Jack’s guest in his amazing log home. My mares are being housed in nearby corrals and pasture.  I don’t know if they know each other are here, but I hope so.  Jack has been so helpful getting me fully prepared to complete my venture safely.  He happens to know a lot about almost everything I don’t know much about with regards to trailer workings, trucks, state laws and firearms.  He also likes to cook which I find amazingly wonderful and refreshing. Here is Jack aboard my Dreamy today.


I ponied the girls yesterday up just about the most treacherous loose sharp rock footing hill I have had them on.  I am so proud of their bare feet! The sharp rocks here are sharp enough to cut thru my truck’s tire (which I am now in the process of upgrading! Thank you dad!).


looking back towards the ranch:


Its very peaceful here, the trees are starting to turn color as we saw on our ride todayImage

Dreamy has developed hives on her neck chest and belly…

Here’s some other pictures from Challis

“Hey this is a lot bigger than Memorial Park!”:


the retired herd:


my amazing Wildflower:


How’s this spot for a cozy cabin? Black dots are cows btw:


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