SHLEP for Audible (work in progress), listen to a new improved recording of Chapter One

A month ago, I started recording myself narrating my book, SHLEP, and listening to it was so boring, it actually put me to sleep. So, three weeks ago, I started training with a vocal coach. I’ve also been practicing daily and have found that it flows better now and I don’t get nearly as upset by reading the words after doing it over and over, so it’s sort of been like exposure therapy for me, yeah!

Feel free to give me your feedback, I want to have this down pat before I start working with the sound engineer and actually start recording it for Audible.

(Pic is the first SHLEP painting, depicting Teddy and I riding around Eastman Lake on my disasterous pretrip test-trip, which is part of Chapter One)

california sp

6 thoughts on “SHLEP for Audible (work in progress), listen to a new improved recording of Chapter One

  1. You sound more comfortable reading aloud! It is okay to take a breath or pause before changing characters. Keep up the great work.


  2. I like the fact that you are narrating your own book. Your voice reflects your emotions. This could not be achieved by someone else reading it. I think it sounds good and any sound issues will be worked out with professional recording.


  3. Love it. I will definitely be purchasing this audio book. I’m retired but occasionally pick up and deliver motor homes all over the 52 states. So my audio books are a life saver while on the road. I can relate somewhat to your past history. Love all your paintings 🖼 as well. Keep up the good work.


  4. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for sharing. I teared listening to your struggles on the pre-trip, realizing that even though our stories are very different- the struggles were very much the same. In September of 2013 I, too, was going through divorce and mediation, trying to hold a part time job and run a resale shop. The dilapidated pickup we used to carry furniture for remake had broken down in the middle of the highway and I pushed it for miles all the way to my home. I, too, felt broken and pushed on with uncertainty. I celebrate with you the place we had to visit within ourselves to continue, however possible.
    Please keep the authenticity to your voice while perfecting your presentation. Though you repeated words and exhaled with some exasperation, I felt your heart. This is the important part. This is the part that made it more than a story as I lay on my couch at 3a on Independence Day – awakened for no reason at all, it seemed. Until I found your art and your book…


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