Prayer Circle, Missouri

October 2019

This is my latest painting, an oil on canvas. It depicts an important scene from SHLEP, one of many that was crucial for the healing I sought.

IMG_8900This blog was created right after I’d moved out of “the family home” and while I was on the road during SHLEP. Please pardon the fragmented writing here, my brain wasn’t working correctly as I was dealing with PTSD symptoms and had never done any writing before. I’ve chosen not to correct and edit it now that I’ve learned to write and, by the grace of God, been restored to sanity. Most of the content is of my physical journey, hauling my horses from state to state, riding and painting.

During this time, I kept a personal journal about my more private battles and demons. The book, which is now on Amazon, was a five year project to meld these two journals into a book that I could be proud of. I needed to write it from scratch, yet I had no idea how to construct a correct sentence, what’s less a book length story that would keep the reader’s interest and be satisfying. To do this properly, I hired a writing coach, Terry Wolverton, who I’m greatly indebted to. Then I sat on the manuscript for a year, too afraid to put my personal life out there for the world to scrutinize.

My hope is that SHLEP: Finding Healing on Horseback in the Lower 48, will inspire women that feel trapped, that have lost sight of hope, that are seeking a purpose; that they are stronger than they realize, that they can escape, no matter the circumstances. They can heal their brokeness and be restored to live a joyful life. If I could do it, anyone can.

Happy trails to you all!

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